Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Camera ohh camera...

I been thinking to buy a new compact camera and downgrade myself from dslr. Wanna find some small and cute camera that can easily put inside my pocket. I have listed the disadvantage of using DSLR during vacation.. (my own version) ;
  1. Too heavy and too big to carry around
  2. Have to carry around big camera bag with tripod all day long. (very annoying in a crowded places with people)
  3. Have to use tripod to take ur own pictures... (people will say they don't know how to operate the DSLR if you ask them to take ur pics)
  4. Wasting time to open the camera bag and changing from wide lense to zoom lense.
  5. Feel the pain around the neck after carry the DSLR from morning until nite. (spoil the holiday mood for tomorrow.)
  6. No pictures of you during the holidays since you have to snap pictures for everybody in the family.
I think is better for me to bring a compact camera during vacation. I want more pictures of me .. ;)

p/s : 16 days more to left the company.. miss my wife in miri..

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