Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Be different..

My ex-bos at always said to me. Be different from the others.But for me, what supposed it means? Should we be different than other people. Sometimes when we acted different, people will look us as a freak with the weird look in their eyes. That is the way common people looks at people who try to be different.

People will try to be different depends on the place or under particular sets of condition. Like try to be different to impress somebody, to compete with others and to show to the world who your are.This is a quote from my brother ; " We are three different person. First is the person other think we are. Second is the person we think we are and third is the person God know we are."

So try to be different..

p/s : Tuesday is KFK dot net English day :P....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Macbook Air..

Last two weeks I managed to play with the world thinnest notebook , Macbook air. My first impression is WOw, too thin. What is the size of the hardisk?

After several hours make used of photoshop and i photo, the macbook air hanged. WOw again. never happen to my old mackbook. I cannot do anything and at last had to restart the Macbook by force. Hmm then it happened again when I download pictures from CF card. The Macbook really piss me off. The thinnest thing has to be restarted by force more than 10 times that day. :(

Then the laptop is so slow compare to the old macbook. Had to wait several minutes to fully use of photoshop. Take time to load and sa
ve pictures.

Anyway five reasons why you can have the Macbook Air :
  1. It's Mac
  2. Look Cool
  3. The Thinnest
  4. People will say 'hi' to you
  5. To cut cake :p

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why i use Canon

For the last few weeks feel so happy. Lots of thing happening around. First still thanks my bro cause he sponsored half of the cost to buy the 40d. Although he just wanted to sponsored to buy 450d, but the camera cannot fit to my satisfaction and freak to the canon. Canon make me feel good.

It almost 5 years i playing with the camera but still cannot afford to own a dslr myself. Start with the film era, using Nikon FM10, FM2, F90x and F100 i get to know photography and feel great learned the new hobby with a lots of friends in KFK.

When digital photography came, some of us declare not to use it cause it just like cheating were you can edited the picture using software whether don't understand the basic of the photography. For me who care, i have pc and software. it much more cheaper using digital compare to film. You does not have to buy film, then D.O and printing to get the results. Using digital just download to the pc and you can view the results. Selected the pictures to print out and much more cheaper. But honestly i never print out any pictures after using digital. Most of the pictures is stored inside dvd or cd. Event my convocation pictures still in the dvd.

My first digital camera is Nikon Coolpix 885 which i bought with ajis because it can setting to the manual mode. Actually the money i plan to buy a Nikon F90x but to think of the maintenace to buy film and developing the film, i change my mind. The camera still with me but stored inside my secret box. Its already serve me well.

Then I started to know D100, KFK 1st dslr. Great camera and most of my understanding the basic of speed, apperture, lighting and angle is come from this camera. After several thousand snap you actually can understand the basic you learned before. It is the same like you learned at university and having a practical industrial training. But training for 3 month is enough for you to see the basic for works but works for 1 years you can see the real world.

After that, most of my experienced with dslr is with Canon. I had used 300d, 350d, 400d, 20d, and 30d for my assignment . The best for me with Canon at that time is in the low light with the high ISO and less noise. The best handling is using 20d and feel great to snap with the camera. Now when other people say why u choose Canon than Nikon. Nikon have a superb lense and natural colour. The answer is I use Canon because the feel is different when I use Nikon. Its not because of the noise, lense or ISO. It just feel different. Like driving your own car and your friends car. It not the same feel.

Anyway, the important thing is not the gear but the shooter.